Handmaid’s Tale Wine, The Worst Idea That Ever Happened, Pulled After Just One Day


May the Lord open – literally any other bottle of wine but this.

For some inexplicable reason, wine seller Lot18 partnered with The Handmaid’s Tale producer MGM to make a series of wines inspired by characters in the show – all of whom are brutally oppressed and subjugated. After swift and intense backlash, the wine was pulled after just one day on the market.

But really, now: Who in the world thought that a pairing of the modern woman’s somewhat troubling love of wine and a critically-acclaimed television show in which the women are brutally abused was a good idea? “Oh hey, girls, it seems you love to watch your kin being raped on a regular basis in a fictional dystopia. We also hear you love wine. More wine, maybe more horrible things can happen!? Lady power!”

Any woman would agree that watching The Handmaid’s Tale is a gripping, terrifying experience; however, in this day and age, it often feels like a necessary one. By extension, creating a wine based off the show is implying that, like wine, it is an escape.

Newsflash: it’s not.

The funniest thing about the creation of the wine, though, is the insistence that – like most any other entertainment – The Handmaid’s Tale is a brand that is amenable to merchandising. The point is that it’s anything but, and that’s why so many people watch. But some geniuses in the marketing department of MGM saw “popularity” and read “branding money.” How soulless do you have to be to conceive of that, premise of the show be damned?

Truly, it might be the most gauche idea imaginable to slap Offred’s face on something and hope people will buy it on that basis. My only hope – and this is a sincere hope – is that the group of people who dreamed this up were men.

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