Hannity Spars on Twitter with Fox Sports Host Who Called Him a ‘Literal F*cking Moron’


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Fox New’s Sean Hannity is in another Twitter spat with a media personality, but interestingly enough, this time he faced off with a fellow host who works for 21st Century Fox.

On Saturday night, Hannity waged war with The New York Times after they put out an article that addressed how often he speaks with and gives advice to President Donald Trump. As Hannity was tweeting, the Fox pundit received quite the critical message from Katie Nolan, host of Garbage Time on Fox Sports 1.

In the day that followed, Nolan has dedicated much of her Twitter activity to retweeting hate comments and responding to Hannity’s defenders. Nolan deleted some of her tweets along the way, one of which involved her saying that she and Hannity don’t work for the same company.

Hannity eventually turned his attention to Nolan, which resulted in this exchange:

Hannity did offer some other tweets on the matter, where he more or less defended Nolan’s right to criticize him:

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Hannity has previously shown that he’s not afraid to publicly feud with his fellow Fox hosts. Last year, Hannity attracted major intrigue when he accused former Fox host Megyn Kelly of being a Hillary Clinton supporter after she said that Donald Trump avoids tough interviews.

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