Harvard Band Claims They Spelled ‘Pen ’15’ Instead of ‘Penis’


On Saturday, a tweeted image taken by Jacob Adler at the Harvard/University of Pennsylvania football game went viral. Why? Because it really, really looked like the Harvard Band was spelling out the word “penis.” The band says otherwise, claiming they actually spelled “Pen ’15” instead.

The Boston Globe caught up with Adler a few days later, who told the paper that he didn’t think the band’s formation happened “by accident.”

However, the Harvard Band said otherwise.

“We meant to spell ‘Pen ‘15’ with both a space and an apostrophe before the number,” said band manager Paul Meosky in an email to the Boston Globe. He also noted that the band’s halftime show told the story of a “fictitious romance between the Harvard Band and our close friends in the Penn Band.”

Yes, it’s a clever twist on an old school playground joke, but let’s get serious here. Everyone seems just a bit too concerned about the “Pen ’15” gag, and isn’t providing any comment on the fact that the band’s halftime show depicted a romance between itself and the rival school’s marching band.

Why does this matter? Because Harvard and Penn are both Ivy League schools, and this whole charade adds further credence to the belief that the Illuminati is really controlling America. But now we know their true name… the Pen 15 club.

[h/t Boston Globe]
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