Here Are Some of the Highlights from This Weekend’s March for Science


Tens of thousands took to the streets this weekend as participants joined the March for Science all around the world.

The largest demonstration was based in Washington D.C., but there were numerous cities around the world where scientists and advocates showed their support for the pursuit of knowledge. Bill Nye the Science Guy was one of several major speakers who appeared at the capitol. Other related demonstrations were also held in support of causes like environmental protection, medical research, and improving education.

March organizers said the event wasn’t meant to partisan, yet there were multiple instances where people openly protested President Trump and his administration’s approach to global warming and scientific funding. NPR spoke to Lucky Tran, one of yesterday’s march organizers, who insisted that the purpose was to defend science as a key component to freedom and prosperity.

I think the profession of science is under attack, and why is that happening? Because we’ve really ceded the floor. We haven’t engaged in politics, we’ve left that open for politicians to come in and really hijack and obfuscate science for their own selfish needs.

Naturally, the nationwide demonstration attracted thousands of people bearing protest signs and various unique methods to voice their activism. Many of these people made a point of showing their support through homages to all things nerdy and intellectual:

Watch above, via NBC and Washington Post.

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