Here Are the 10 Zaniest Moments from Trump’s Bonkers 90 Minute White House Pool Spray


President Donald Trump held a 90 minute press spray with reporters at the White House on Wednesday…and it was a doozy.

The president ended up rambling on and on as he spoke about a “glitch” in the stock market, ripped outgoing Secretary of Defense James Mattis, talked up his border wall again, and a host of other subjects.

Seriously, there were a plethora of notable moments that came up throughout the presser, but we’ve narrowed it down to a shorthand list of the 10 craziest tidbits that just came from the president.


1. Trump on Not Being Popular in Europe

Trump shrugged off his unpopularity in Europe by saying he “could be the most popular person” and “run for any office if I wanted to.” He also said his unpopularity is a good thing because he wouldn’t be doing his job as president if Europe had a favorable opinion of him.

2. The Russians ‘Were Right’ to Invade Afghanistan

Trump seemed to endorse how the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 as he talked about the war on terror in the Middle East. He said the Soviet Union was “right to be there,” saying the Soviet Union became Russia when they went bankrupt after the endeavor, and suggesting they should be there again.

Fun fact: the invasion was not about terrorism, for more, learn about it here.

3. Trump’s Meeting with Good-Looking Generals

This one speaks for itself.

4. “I Think I Would Have Been a Good General”

See Number 3.

5. No Timeline on Syria Withdrawal

Trump proclaimed that Syria is “lost” and there’s nothing there for America but “sand and death,” but he wouldn’t elaborate on when exactly U.S. forces will be pulled out of their ground operations in the region.

6. “The Public Means the Enemy”

Trump bashed the inspector general for conducting public oversight reports on how the U.S. conducts itself while at war.

7. Trump’s Christmas Lonesome

At one point, Trump talked about how he had to ditch his holiday plans at Mar-a-Lago in order to stay at the White House and monitor the government shutdown. He called it a “lonely” experience with no one to interact with, even the Secret Service.

8. The Vatican

To make his case on the border wall, Trump dug up his old talking point that walls work for places like the Vatican City.

9. If DACA Found Constitutional, Then I Have “Tremendous Power”

Trump said that if the Supreme Court rules DACA to be constitutional from when it was instituted by Barack Obama, that will really mean something for his own executive powers.

10. “I think the People of the Country Think I’m Right”

Trump’s position on the continuation of the government shutdown. That is all.

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