Here Are the Best Election-Inspired Contributions Twitter Has Managed for #My2WordNightmare


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.58.23 AM#My2WordNightmare is one of the trending topics on Twitter Monday morning, and the hashtag is just the latest attempt for users to submit cheeky ideas for the brutal scenarios that can be neatly tied up in only two words. Some users have opted to go for daily stresses that worry us all:

But some of the absolute best submissions have a unique election-twist to them:

And all of these users who are totally over the nonsense of the 2016 election in general:

Even the official Twitter account for the Democratic party got in on the fun:

What’s your 2-word nightmare, Mediaite readers? Leave your best in the comments below. Submissions like “Mediaite Homepage” neither earn you points nor make you particularly clever. Do better than that.

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