Here’s the Moment Jon Stewart Tipped His Hat for the Last Time


Between playful jabs from his enemies, a goofy sketch involving almost every correspondent past and present, and a heartfelt goodbye from Stephen ColbertJon Stewart‘s last time as host of The Daily Show was pleasantly calm. Maybe that’s why the comedian appeared so calm when he left the studio late Thursday after taping was finished.

Reddit user /u/its_brownbear dropped a photo of Stewart’s leaving the studio, which was taken (with permission) from a friend on Instagram. According to the post, the shot was taken sometime around 8:30 p.m., when the episode’s taping was completed and presumably in-process for the final edit.

Check out the original image below, courtesy of jatenackson:

Just took this picture of one of my heroes, Jon Stewart, right after his final taping of #thedailyshow #nofilter #jonvoyage

A photo posted by Nathaniel Jackson (@jatenackson) on

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[Image via Instagram]

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