Herman Cain Says Republicans ‘Will Get Uninspired Very Quick’ If Wrong Candidate Is Chosen

Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain was a guest on Tuesday’s Live, and was asked by host Julie Banderas — because he “still sounds like a candidate” — if he’d want to resurrect his campaign. Cain reiterated that he was out, but did say he plans on being active through the nomination process.

“Just because I am no longer pursuing the position,” Cain said, “I have not abandoned the mission. And the mission is to defeat President Barack Obama.”

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Cain added that he hadn’t endorsed anyone in the GOP field yet because he cares about keeping the Conservatives and Republicans “inspired.”

“Are Republicans not inspired?” Banderas asked.

“They will get very uninspired very quick,” Cain said. “That’s why John McCain didn’t do very well in the last election.”

Cain also touched on the current gridlock in Congress, and pointed out the disconnect between D.C. and the rest of the American people.

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