Herman Cain Wouldn’t Be Romney’s VP, But He Would Like To Be Secretary Of Defense

In the event that the American voters aren’t sold on the presidential qualities honed by Herman Cain‘s experience as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, President of the National Restaurant Association or decade spent as a motivational speaker, Cain has another idea. Of all the cabinet positions that come available as a result of the 2012 election, the one that holds most appeal is that of Secretary of Defense.

“That could be the one that I could be excited about,” Cain told conservative radio host Michael Savage, adding “to help the generals and commanders on the ground to get what they need, to do what they do best, and that is kick the you-know-what out of everyone in the world.” Cain’s interview with Savage had been promoted earlier today with blaring headlines of “Herman Cain to make ‘major announcement,’” and this is a rather noteworthy announcement.

Some may hear the conversation between Savage and Cain and be impressed by the homespun and folksy manner in which the two discuss international issues. Others, however, might be more like Tucker Carlson, who recently said “Herman Cain is not qualified to be president and we are all pretending he is.” One might also think that applies to being Secretary of Defense as well.

Listen to the clip below, courtesy of Michael Savage:

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