Hillary’s Office Addresses Lingering Questions About Emails in Long Statement


The office of Hillary Clinton has released a lengthy statement supplanting Clinton’s earlier press conference on her use of personal emails while she was Secretary of State, addressing additional questions people might have about the emails.

The statement reiterates how Clinton stuck to the one email account for the sake of “convenience.” They insist this was completely acceptable and fitting in the spirit of transparency rules, because it was her practice to always email government officials on their official email accounts.

To clear up a question about the Benghazi Select Committee saying she had multiple emails, this is what Clinton’s office says:

This was an honest misunderstanding. Secretary Clinton used one email account during her tenure at State (with the exception of her first weeks in office while transitioning from an email account she had previously used). In March 2013, a month after she left the Department, Gawker published the email address she used while Secretary, and so she had to change the address on her account.

They lay out specific numbers for Clinton’s emails: there were 62,320 emails in total during her Secretary of State tenure, 30,490 of which were handed over to the State Department, and the other 31,830 were “private, personal records.”

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The statement even goes into detail about how they searched through all her emails to determine what to hand over. For example, searching for emails with the terms “Benghazi” or “Libya.” They claim of all the emails they went through, there was only one email in Clinton’s account with a foreign official.

They deny Clinton received any classified material through that email account, and assure that there were no successful hacks or unauthorized attempts to access any of the emails.

Again, this is all coming from Clinton’s office, so it won’t exactly stop the questions coming from her critics.

You can read the full statement here.

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