Voice Of Honey Badger Viral Video Shows His Face For The First Time

In a revelation as stunning as finding out the true identity of Banksy, Randall, the creator of the ubiquitous Honey Badger viral video sensation has been tracked down by TMZ.

“I’ve always had a natural talent for doing narration,” Randall told TMZ. “What better animal to start with than the honey badger? Seriously!”

“It’s an animal a lot of people can relate to,” he continued. “Everyone inside of them has an inner honey badger, waiting to get out.”

The Honey Badger video, which features Randall giving a hilariously flamboyant dub of a National Geographic special on the animal has been seen over 34 million times on YouTube.

See Randall in his full glory below via TMZ:

(h/t Gawker)

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