How Can Bill de Blasio Convince You He’s Not Running for President?

A story for all intents and purposes invented wholesale by the New York Post gained traction this week alleging that Gotham Mayor Bill de Blasio would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

De Blasio’s response? Via the New York Observer:

So is he running? Does he want to be asked to run? Is he positioning himself, as the New York Post put it, to be a candidate?

“No. No. No,” Mr. de Blasio said to each of those questions, posed to him by the Observer at an unrelated press conference in the Bronx. “I’ve really said ‘no’ a lot. I’m going to say no again. I am running for re-election as the mayor of New York City in 2017.”

De Blasio, who ran Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, has declined to endorse the putative frontrunner — yet — citing a lack of articulated vision. Clinton wants for challengers, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has been frustrated thus far in recruiting Elizabeth Warren.

Still, any tiny chance of de Blasio running was squashed when Dick Morris expounded in his favor.

[h/t New York Observer]
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