Trophy Hunter Sets Off Tweetstorm With Picture of Dead Lion

Melissa Bachman is a trophy hunter, so naturally, she likes to do a lot of hunting. But after the host of Winchester Daily Passion posted a picture of a successful hunt online, it set off a firestorm of controversy on Twitter, not to mention a petition that’s already gotten thousands of signatures against her.

This is the picture that set off all the controversy, with the comment “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion…what a hunt!”

Needless to say, people went nuts over the photo, leading Bachman to delete her Twitter account. Below are some of the more… colorful reactions to Bachman’s photo.

Even actor/comedian Ricky Gervais joined the pile-on.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, there is now a petition to make the South African government deny future entry to Bachman after this incident.

She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on. Her latest Facebook post features her with a lion she has just executed and murdered in our country.

As tax payers we demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its natural resources.

As of this posting, the petition has over 13,000 signatures.

Bachmann has posted a number of hunting videos on her YouTube page, including this wild turkey hunt.

[h/t The Blaze]

[photos via screengrab, Melissa Bachman’s Facebook page]

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