‘I Took a Lot of Heat on Sweden!’: Trump Jokes About His Terror Flap But Doubles Down on It Anyway


While speaking on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) moments ago, President Donald Trump invoked his much-maligned flap over declaring a non-existent terror attack in Sweden. The Commander in Chief made a joke of the situation to a laugh from the crowd, but emphasized his overall message that loose restrictions on immigration have led to widespread problems around the world.

“And by the way take a look at what’s happening in Europe folks, take a look at what’s happening in Europe,” he said from the CPAC stage in National Harbor, Maryland. “I took a lot of heat on Sweden!” he said, referencing his recent mixup about events in the country that he later admitted was a misinterpretation of a segment on Tucker Carlson‘s Fox News program.

Despite the fact that it is well-documented that were was no attack in Sweden on the night he referenced, the President doubled-down on his initial claims, again saying, “look at what happened in Sweden”:

And a day later I said, ‘Has anybody reported on what’s been going on?’ And it turns out, not too many of them did. Look — take a look at what happened in Sweden. I love Sweden. Great country, great people, I love Sweden. But they understand I’m right. The people over there understand I’m right. Take a look at what’s happening in Sweden. Take a look at what’s happening in Germany. Take a look at what’s happened in France.

Trump then invoked a story related to him by a friend who apparently regularly visited Paris, but no longer does so, presumably due to immigration.

“‘Paris? I don’t go there anymore! Paris is no longer Paris!'” Trump’s pal “Jim” apparently recounted to the president in his retelling.

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