Elizabeth Smart Is Now With Crime Watch Daily and Hit the Ground Running


Much has been said of the way Brigham Young University has been dealing with students who are alleging that they’ve been raped. A number of these accusers have spoken out to say that they’ve faced disciplinary action within the school for violations of the Honor Code they signed as incoming freshmen. Although the topic has received attention from news outlets here and there, Elizabeth Smart doesn’t think it has received quite enough. As a BYU alum and a kidnapping victim who was raped multiple times per day, she would certainly be an authoritative voice on the matter.

That’s probably why she chose to cover sexual assault at BYU for her first story as a correspondent for Crime Watch Daily.

Watch, via the CWD YouTube page:

Smart spoke to Hailey Allen and Colleen Payne Dietz, young women who were punished by BYU for violating the Honor Code after alleged rapes. She also featured Kortney Hughes, the victim services coordinator for the local police department in Provo, Utah.

Smart said the following:

It really makes me feel terrible to think that these women are not coming forward and getting the help that they not only need but deserve because they’re too worried about the rules that are in place, worried that they’ll get expelled

The entire thing is very striking and suggests that Smart’s time on the Fox show will be particularly hard-hitting. It isn’t often that viewers get to see an interview from a correspondent who is able to empathize on the level that Smart was able to connect with Allen and Dietz.

Her first assignment was done in two parts and here is the second:

It will be interesting to see how Smart follows this up.

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