Indiana Governor Mike Pence Signs ‘Clarification Bill’ to Religious Freedom Act


Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed a bill clarifying language to the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, hours after the Indiana legislature passed it.

Pence released a lengthy statement talking about the “great misunderstanding” over the legislation and how much he believes in religious freedom. Here’s part of the statement:

Last weekend I called upon the Indiana General Assembly to clarify that this new judicial standard would not create a license to discriminate or to deny services to any individual as its critics have alleged. I am grateful for the efforts of legislators, business and other community leaders who came together to forge this clarifying language in the law.

Hoosiers deserve to know, that even with this legislation, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act enhances protections for every church, non-profit religious organization or society, religious school, rabbi, priest, preacher, minister or pastor in the review of government action where their religious liberty is infringed. The law also enhances protection in religious liberty cases for groups of individuals and businesses in conscience decisions that do not involve provision of goods and services, employment and housing.

Pence also tweeted about the clarifying language and expressed that now everyone should be able to put this issue behind them:

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