International House of What? IHOb is Here, and Twitter Reacts Boorly – Err, Poorly


After teasing the move for maximum PR, the restaurant chain International House of Pancakes has launched their rebrand Monday morning.

The company announced what the “B” stands for in their new IHOb name, and contrary to expectations, speculation and, frankly, common sense, it doesn’t stand for “breakfast.”

Burgers. Really?

Like with most things, Twitter reactions ran the gamut from funny to annoyed to annoying. But in general, you might say the b is for lead balloon.

This first one is an easy favorite:

But Twitter, of course, goes on. And on. And on…

The mixed news Tweet, naturally.

And of course, the analysis has to happen:

But maybe this says it best of all. Because you know what you’re going to order the next time you’re there…

This probably won’t be a New Coke moment for the brand. But it made for some good jokes on social media. What more can you ask in 2018?

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