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Is The NYT About To Go All ‘Spitzer’ On Gov. David Paterson?

Apparently the New York Times is working on some big shocking story about Gov. David Paterson. Or if the rumors are to be believed, about Gov. Paterson’s sex life. All things considered, namely what we already know about Paterson, the low expectations even the most starry-eyed among us must at this point have for anything having to do with Albany, and the general state of the personal lives of our politicos at the moment, one shudders at the thought of what currently qualifies as shocking. Or whether New York is even shockable any more. Anyway, the details thus far:

The Daily News’ Elizabeth Benjamin (if you’re not already reading her you should be) posted this earlier today:

The rumor mill has been running overtime in recent weeks about Paterson and the possibility that a major newspaper is about to drop a bombshell story about his personal life that will be far worse than his acknowledged extramarital affair with a former state employee. Pretty much the whole political world has been buzzing about this. But so far, nothing has come of it.

And earlier today the New York Observer‘s John Koblin twittered this out:

“Anyone hearing about NYT bombshell on Paterson? Heard big, damaging story comin. been working for weeks, but still not published yet.”

Gawker thinks the story is that the Gov. and his wife are swingers. Which I am skeptical about only in so far is that being a “bombshell” and/or a story the NYT would devote their investigative reporters to; last time I checked swinging was salacious but not illegal. Not sure if that was, or still is, a qualifier for NYT investigations. I guess we’ll find out.

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