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David Paterson: If Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Work Out ‘I’m Always There To Take His Place”

Wacky Political Rundown On NY1 With Costume-Changing Commentator

Gov. Paterson: If Eliot Spitzer Ever Leaves CNN I’d Be Happy To Take His Place

Gov. Paterson Gets The Last Laugh On Surprise SNL Appearance

Gov. David Paterson’s X-Rated Gaffe: Accidentally Praises “Race To The Cock”

Five Recent Career-Threatening Profiles Or Interviews – And Their Results

NYT Prints Another David Paterson ‘Bombshell’…Does Anyone Care?

Old Candidate Websites: Revisiting A More Innocent Time

Another Paterson Aide Has History Of Domestic Violence

Limbaugh Plays The Massa Race Card: David Paterson’s “Gonna Be A Massuh”

Glenn Beck Thinks The NYT Is Being Mean To David Paterson

Juan Williams: Before Obama, NYT Would Have Covered Paterson Differently

Attention Andrew Cuomo? Eliot Spitzer: I Have Nothing Left To Lose

Soundbite: Paterson Is Palin Redux…But Worse

How Long Till New Yorkers Get Bored Of NYT David Paterson ‘Bombshells’?

Is Today David Paterson’s Last Day In Office? Plus! Who Is Richard Ravitch?

Gov. David Paterson Ends Campaign: ‘Accumulation Of Obstacles’ (Video)

Gov. David Paterson Will Not Seek Reelection, Reports New York Post

Is Today The Day The NYT Bombed Paterson Out Of A Campaign?

Bombshells Come In Threes? NYT On David Paterson…Again

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