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Jackass Stars Release Memorial Video For Fallen Friend Ryan Dunn

It’s true, not many memorial videos open with a clip of the recently deceased being slapped in the face by a giant mechanical hand. However, what else would be more appropriate in a video celebrating the life of Jackass star Ryan Dunn, who died last week in a tragic car accident? And, sure, while the video may show a lot of clips of Dunn getting punched, kicked, and rocket launched into a hard mound of dirt, it also shows tons of footage of a young man smiling, laughing, and doing something (however stupid) that brought joy to tons of people.

The video was edited together by Dunn’s Jackass crew and played at a memorial this past Wednesday. It has since been shared online by Dunn’s friends for his fans. It was accompanied by this statement:

“This video tribute to Ryan Dunn was featured at the memorial gathering that took place at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles on the night of Wednesday, June 29. The second part of this montage cut together by Rick Kosick includes a specially done song for Ryan by Roger Alan Wade, ‘The Light Outlives the Star’. ‘Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger,’ said Johnny Knoxville, ‘He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog’ was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing.’

Rest in peace, brother. We love you.”

Johnny Knoxville, the seeming ringleader of the whole group has also shared his comments from the memorial online in which he says of Dunn, “He lived his life wanting to laugh and wanting you to laugh with him.” You can read the whole thing here.

(h/t HuffPo)

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