Jeb Bush Compliments State Sen. By Nicknaming Her ‘Hurricane Katrina’


One of the great untold stories of the 2016 election so far is the degree to which Donald Trump‘s flaming racist carnival has rescued former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Thanks to Trump, no one will ever remember that Jeb Bush went around saying that “stuff happens” after yet another massacre, or that the Confederacy “should be respected,” or what he said on the campaign trail in Lexington, South Carolina on Wednesday. Jeb tried to compliment State Sen. Katrina Shealy in telling fashion:

“I don’t know why your great state senator reminds me of a hurricane. But she does. She’s strong and she’s fierce, and she’s solving problems for you at the state capitol. You should be honored to have her as your elected official. I hope you agree with that. That should be your nickname. In the Bush family, we always give out nicknames. Yours is now Hurricane Katrina.”

I mean, we were all Walking on Sunshine after those waves hit, amirite?

The political press is focusing on the political wisdom of reminding people about his brother’s failure, but Jeb is making a joke about an event that killed thousands of people and devastated the lives of millions. Or solved a lot of “problems for you at the state capitol.” Tomato, tomahto.

What’s truly telling is that his joke killed with the crowd at Hudson’s Smokehouse. Donald Trump may be the Republican Party’s racist billboard, but the rot runs deep when a tragedy that came to symbolize the racial divide in America is literally just a laugh line to these people.

Update: Someone on Twitter thought I might be moved to apologize if I only read Ashley Killough’s tweets on the subject, which consisted of explaining that Sen. Shealy likes to be called Hurricane Katrina, and her family already does it. Then, this happened:

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