Jeb Bush Super PAC Mocks Marco Rubio’s ‘Flip Flops’ (and Height) in New Ad


In early November, President Barack Obama sat for an interview with NBC Nightly News and voiced what many people were thinking regarding the state of the 2016 race: “Political season’s always a little bit of the silly season — particularly during primaries.”

While many likely hoped that November would in fact mark the end of the ridiculousness from the campaign trail, the case of the sillies roars on. And the newest installment in the stupid stump comes compliment of the pro-Jeb Bush Super PAC Right to Rise, who you may remember as having skipped out on a Photoshop lesson or two not that long ago.

On Monday, Right to Rise released it’s newest pro-Bush (I guess?) ad which takes square aim at the candidacy of fellow Floridian Marco Rubio in the aptly titled “Boots”:

The conceit of the ad plays at the recent revelation that Rubio has been sporting what would appear to be two-inch heels on his shoes, presumably to provide a boost to his height. The following photo was recently snapped by the New York TimesMichael Barbaro from Rubio’s campaign trail:

Since then, even the Ted Cruz campaign has fired a shot at the Florida Senator’s fashion choice; Cruz’s communications director Rick Tyler called them, “High-Heeled Booties.”

The “Boots” ad presses Rubio’s history of flip-flopping, featuring the lyrics, “These boots are made for flippin’/ and that’s just what they’ll do/ one of these day’s young Marco’s/ gonna flip, flop, flip on you.”

Did you catch the subtle jab at Rubio’s age (read: inexperience)? Right to Rise also takes grievance with Rubio’s missed voted in the Senate; moreover, the question remains why a sixth place Bush would lobby against Rubio, who is faring only slightly better in many states? Rather than dedicate ad space to taking on the front-of-the-pack pols — Donald Trump and Cruz — the play here would be to angle against Rubio and hope to absorb his supporters in time. Bush may not be the topic of conversation right now; hell, even newly developing polls out of Iowa and New Hampshire aren’t including Bush among their top picks. However, with an unexpectedly positive finish in both of those states — coupled with a few more high-heeled booty music videos — Bush might make a run of things yet heading into South Carolina, where Bush sits fifth in striking distance of Rubio and Ben Carson ahead of him.

But the real question remains: who is the mysterious dancing man who was casted to shoot this ad?

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