Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Suit Against ‘American Sniper’

Jesse Ventura has won his defamation lawsuit against “American sniper” Chris Kyle. It was a split verdict by the jury that sided with Ventura 8-2.

Kyle had detailed an incident in his book in which he punched someone who had, as he told it, been badmouthing the war and the military, even saying that the military is acting like murderers. Kyle subsequently claimed that individual was Ventura.

Ventura was outraged and filed a defamation lawsuit against Kyle, claiming the entire thing was a fabrication. Kyle died early last year, but Ventura pressed for the suit to continue. A judge ruled in Ventura’s favor on that matter, with Kyle’s wife acting as a substitution.

Ventura said in an interview last year he had no qualms about continuing the lawsuit after Kyle’s death, insisting it was important for him to be able to clear his name.

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