Joe Lieberman Warns: Dems Will Be Held ‘Accountable’ if They Don’t Act on Rep. Omar’s ‘Clearly Anti-Semitic’ Comments


With a scheduled vote on a House resolution to condemn anti-Semitism pushed back Wednesday, and Democrats reportedly at odds on how to proceed, one former vice presidential nominee is warning the party that failure to act could have repercussions.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, former Connecticut Senator and 2000 Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman called Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s (D-MN) newest controversial remarks — in which she suggested that lawmakers who are pro-Israel have an “allegiance” — as “clearly anti-Semitic.” Lieberman believes that the Democratic-controlled House’s response will be crucial.

“When people say words that are biased, bigoted, and hurtful to another group of people — another group of Americans — they have to be condemned quickly or else it takes hold,” Lieberman. “I’m not only thinking about anti-Semitism, I’m thinking about racism, I’m thinking about any kind of bigotry toward any religious group or any other group. I think this is a time of testing for the House of Representatives. And if I may, it’s really a moral test about how clearly they will speak out — in this case against what Congresswoman Omar said, which was clearly anti-Semitic.”

Lieberman went on to warn Democrats that there could be political fallout if they do not issue a clear rebuke.

“Congresswoman Omar’s statements clearly do not represent the thinking of most anybody else in office in the Democratic Party,” Lieberman said. “But if they start to mumble in response to her specific and clear anti-Semitic statement, then the party itself is going to be held more broadly accountable for having similar feelings — which I know they don’t.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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