John Legend Questions David Brooks’ Latest NY Times Column, Because Why Not?

Here’s a sentence I never thought I would type: John Legend weighed in last night on the latest column from New York Times columnist David Brooks, this one on the life cycle of a “thought leader.”

Brooks approaches the issue with some level of condescension about young people these days, and engages in some light mockery of preppy, idealistic, politically active college students to make a point about… something.

His college application essay, “I Went to Panama to Teach the Natives About Math but They Ended Up Teaching Me About Life,” is widely praised by guidance counselors. On campus he finds himself enmeshed in a new social contract: Young people provide their middle-aged professors with optimism and flattery, and the professors provide them with grade inflation. He is widely recognized for his concern for humanity.

Brooks also talks of this abstract thought leader “develop[ing] the rabid art of being condescending from below,” as opposed to being condescending from above, which, again, is what his column comes across as.

And that’s why none other than John Legend himself had some slight words of derision for the columnist:

So look forward to next week’s David Brooks column, a philosophical musing on what John Legend’s Twitter feed says about the political activism of today’s youth.

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