Jonah Goldberg Responds to Angry Tweets from ’14-Year-Old Girl’ Donald Trump

One of Donald Trump‘s favorite pasttimes is Twitter feuds, and his latest target is National Review columnist and Fox commentator Jonah Goldberg. And Goldberg isn’t quite clear why…

First, Trump trashed both Goldberg and Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes yesterday:

Goldberg couldn’t have been more amused:

That last tweet is referring to when Goldberg was on Fox back in January, calling the potential 2016 presidential candidate a “bane of humanity” and saying it drives him crazy that anyone at Fox News would take him seriously.

And for the hell of it, Goldberg wrote a response to Trump on National Review earlier today. Goldberg explained that the aforementioned Hayes had dismissed Trump over the weekend as a “clown,” and so the Donald “started relentlessly tweeting like a 14-year-old girl about it.”

And then he went for the jugular:

I guess Trump’s Olympian self-regard can lead him to never forget a slight, harbor grudges against critics for a very long time, and drive him to engage in childish name-calling late into the night, which are obviously some of the attributes we all look for in a presidential candidate. A huge ego and a penchant for spite is totally the kind of guy we should entrust the nuclear football to.

Trump tweeted up a storm in response to the piece, but this is probably the best exchange of the entire thing:

And scene.

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