Kasich Co-Chair: You’ve Got to Take Trump Out ‘With a Head Shot’


trump kasichAn Illinois co-chair for the John Kasich campaign shrugged off criticism Tuesday after reports emerged that he called for taking out rival Donald Trump “with a head shot.”

On a WGN radio show last week, Pat Brady told host Steven Chocran, “If you’re going to take on Donald Trump, you’ve got to take him out with a head shot,” later adding, “You gotta be ready to rip his head off.”

In a blog post, Doug Ibendah called out Brady, asking, “Who talks like that? If some nut used the term ‘head shot’ in referring to President Obama in a similar fashion, that person would likely be paid a visit by the Secret Service, and I would personally hope so.”

Trump used Brady’s rhetoric to bash his Republican rival, saying in a statement Kasich “never thought he would embarrass himself like this.”

“John Kasich never expected to lose so badly, never expected to do so bad in the debates, he never thought he would embarrass himself like he has, but this is no way to act. Very sad commentary,” Trump said.

But Brady told Politico he’d never call for violence against the business mogul, stressing that he meant the phrase figuratively.”That’s a term of art we used when I was an assistant U.S. attorney many years ago to mean if you’re going to win a big case or win a big argument, you got to take them out with a head shot,” Brady said.

Kasich campaign spokesman Rib Nichols also dismissed the criticism, calling Brady’s statement, “an unfortunate choice of words.”

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