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Keith Olbermann Says His “FOK News Channel” Debuts Tonight

Keith Olbermann, the ex-MNSBC host who’s headed to Current TV as boss of all things, says his FOK News Channel website will go live tonight–most likely. In a tweet to followers of @FOKNewsChannel on Twitter, Olbermann wrote, “Bulletin: FOKNewsChannel site, humble and presumably bug-ridden though it may be, goes live tonight. Puhhhhhhrobably.”

The website may provide some hints about the upcoming 8 p.m. nightly show that Olbermann will launch at Current. Olbermann says the site will launch with “3 staples,” including “The First Guess,” which Olbermann describes as “my column of commentary and analysis, sometimes short, sometimes not.” The site will also have something called “Snappy Answers to Stupid Headlines,” which he says “will be a frequently-updated snark depository.”

The third “staple?” It may ring a bell, especially if you ever watched the show Olbermann hosted for awhile on MSNBC. The show was called Countdown, if memory serves:

“And then something experimental and atypical… “The Worst Persons of the Day.”

Olbermann, who reminds fans he “started (his) career on manual typewriters,” promises “video components will be added” to the site in a few weeks, but the main elements as described will be in place tonight.

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