Keith Olbermann Tweets About David Shuster, Responds To Haters


After Twitter’s previous stint as Worst Person, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann gave in, joined the social networking site Thursday and has been busy tweeting all weekend.

There are the correspondences with celebrities and a lot about baseball – but Olbermann has also taken to addressing the Twitter hate directly (and talking about David Shuster).

With nearly 34,000 followers, Olbermann’s tweet total reached 175 last night. The image in this post was a Twitpic he put up yesterday afternoon (and is likely to show up elsewhere on the internet…forever), with the caption: “Venturing out for tea. Expression owes to vehicle on your right.”

Olbermann later tweeted he knew the van was for the local New York FOX station and not Fox News, so when someone made the point again, Olbermann responded strongly: “Dumbass Doug: I tweeted that two minutes before you bitched. Be seeing you.”

One of his non-haters asked him to begin incorporating a few new vocabulary words on Countdown sure to piss off conservatives. Although he vetoed “Paliban,” expect to see “Tea-hadists.” As in: “Let’s see: you threaten violence, deny valid elections, and distrust people by race and religion. Yep: Tea-hadists!”

Ultimately, the Olbermann fans got nervous about all the “flaming,” and one (“Cat Lover”) brought David Shuster. “Look where flaming RW idiots got @davidshuster . Why answer them instead of loyal fans who want to hear from you? :-(”

It was in this context Olbermann became another MSNBC employee to address the situation with the indefinitely suspended anchor.

Nooo, that’s not what happened. It was silly of him, but he survived it. OTHER things were the problem.

I know. Nobody liked that but ultimately it smoothed over. Then he did the… you know…

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