Kellyanne Conway Dodges on Cambridge Analytics/WikiLeaks: ‘I Can’t Be Bothered With Any of That’

Kellyanne Conway and Alisyn Camerota had a heated exchange today when the White House adviser said she couldn’t be “bothered” to know that an analytics firm connected to the Trump campaign tried reaching out to Wikileaks during the 2016 election.

During a discussion about Fusion GPS’s Trump/Russia dossier, Camerota asked the former campaign manager about the news that Cambridge Analytica tried reaching out to Wikileaks last year for help in recovering Hillary Clinton‘s deleted emails. This comes after months of Clinton speaking about how American data operations, including Cambridge Analytica, might have provided a foothold for Russian efforts to mess with the election last year.

Conway said she only knew of Cambridge Analytica’s actions from reading about it in the press, which prompted the CNN anchor to ask her if she was “uncomfortable” with these developments, given Wikileaks’ ties to Russia. Conway argued that the Trump campaign never reached out to Wikileaks for data analytics, and as for finding Clinton’s emails, “I know nothing about that because, I was the campaign manager and I can’t be bothered with any of that.”

Even though Camerota continued to press for a direct answer to her question, Conway retorted by saying Trump didn’t need any help from Julian Assange or WikiLeaks to beat Clinton. The two ladies continued to spar by accusing each other of being unable to stop talking about Hillary Clinton.

Watch above, via CNN.

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