Kellyanne Conway Gets Pilloried for Threatening Reporter in Stunning Phone Call: ‘Really Covering Herself in Glory’


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Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, has been the object of much ridicule on Thursday afternoon, following the release of a stunning phone call in which she threatened a reporter and bashed her husband.

The Washington Examiner released audio and published the transcript of Conway speaking with journalist Caitlin Yilek.

“So, listen, if you’re going to cover my personal life, if you’re going to cover my personal life, then we’re welcome to do the same around here,” Conway told Yilek. If it has nothing to do with my job, which it doesn’t, that’s obvious, then we’re either going to expect you to cover everybody’s personal life or we’re going to start covering them over here.”

The White House counselor went on to get a shot in at her husband, George Conway.

“Let me tell you something, from a powerful woman,” She said. “Don’t pull the crap where you’re trying to undercut another woman based on who she’s married to. He gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed. Not the other way around.

Fifty-three minutes after the publication of the Examiner’s story, Mr. Conway cryptically Tweeted the following:

Here’s a sampling of the other notable reactions, as Conway has gotten widely pilloried:

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