Latest Lawsuit Alleges Black Fox Employees Forced to Arm Wrestle for Entertainment


You could say the battle over Fox News’s future is like an arm wrestle — literally.

Fox News scourge Gabriel Sherman is now reporting that a racial discrimination lawsuit will be filed by seven African American employees this week. The suit alleges that employees of color were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees. Sherman appeared on yesterday’s AM Joy on MSNBC to chat about the latest details in the case.

“I obtained a letter from their attorneys that was sent to Fox that described really horrific acts of racial discrimination in which black employees were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees in the accounting department,” he said.

He added that this sort of information proves that the culture of Fox is entrenched and cannot be changed with O’Reilly’s ouster alone.

“This is a systemic problem at Fox News that was created by Roger Ailes over two decades,” said Sherman. Back in March, Fox was slapped with a different racial discrimination lawsuit

In the wake of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly getting the boot after alleged sexual harassment, it seems like no one is safe. Even Sean Hannity has now been accused of similar sexual harassment.

UPDATE — 12:49 p.m. EST:

The woman considered Hannity’s accuser is saying she does not consider their interaction one of harassment. More here.

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