Lemon Slams Trump Advisor: ‘Don’t Come on and Be Smug and Cute and Try to Lie to Me’

CaptureAfter he had been deflecting and evading questions about the financial state of Donald Trump and his campaign for two segments, Don Lemon finally told senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller, “Don’t come on and be smug and cute and try to lie to me.”

Miller had tried to defuse comments that the strategist for a pro-Trump Super PAC made in the Washington Post Tuesday, saying that Trump needed to step up his fundraising, by sneering that someone who watched CNN all day could get the wrong impression.

Lemon did not respond kindly to the cheap dig at his home network. “Come on Stephen. Don’t come on and be smug and cute and try to lie to me,” he said. “There is a problem raising money, and you’re coming on and saying, ‘Everything is hunky-dory.'”

A chastised Miller responded that he had “endless respect” for both Lemon and CNN, but still would not address the gulf in fundraising between the Republicans and the Democrats. “I don’t work in fundraising, so I’m not gonna have the exact numbers,” Miller said.

“So then how can you come on television and tell me” about the campaign’s financials, Lemon asked. When pressed by other guests, Miller could not even produce a “ballpark figure” for the amount of money the campaign had successfully raised.

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