Don Lemon

Tucker Carlson Mocks Don Lemon For Trump Rally Reaction: ‘Step Back From The Ledge, Don!’

Don Lemon Validated Crowd’s ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

James Clapper Questions Trump’s ‘Fitness’ For Office: ‘I Just Find This Extremely Disturbing’

Don Lemon Goes Off on ‘Unhinged’ Trump Speech: ‘He Was Like a Child’

Media Coverage of Charlottesville Tragedy Reveals a Multitude of Double Standards

Pastor Who Left Evangelical Board Explains His ‘Problem’ With Trump’s ‘Lack of Leadership’

Don Lemon Blasts Jack Kingston For Blaming Birtherism on Hillary: ‘I Won’t Be the Purveyor of Fake News’

Watch Jack Kingston Sheepishly Admit He Has No Clue About the Talking Points He’s Spewing

Don Lemon: White House Staff Supporting Trump ‘Complicit in Their Racism as Well’

Jan Brewer Comes to Trump’s Defense: Backlash Over Charlottesville Just ‘Sour Grapes’

Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump’s True Colors Today and ‘Not Sure They Were Red, White and Blue’

Don Lemon: Today We Saw ‘The Real Donald Trump Proving All of His Critics Right’

Don Lemon Rips Trump: 2 Weekend Tragedies, 1 in Charlottesville and 1 in Bedminster

Rick Wilson Battles Talk Radio Host Over Trump: ‘You Are a Master of Inane Arguments’

Jeffrey Lord Was Unjustly Fired From a Network That Treated Him Like a Punching Bag

Fareed Zakaria Totally Doesn’t Buy Trump’s North Korea Rhetoric: ‘The Art of the Bluff’

Don Lemon Sighs as Segment Gets Out of Hand: ‘I Feel Like We’re In a Bar’

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Knocks Trump’s ‘Empty Rhetoric’: This Is Not What Americans Say

CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails When Alan Dershowitz Complains About ‘Black Lives Matter’

CNN Panelists Clash Over ‘Made in America’ Week: ‘What’s the Point?’

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