Lewandowski Defends Trump’s Mexicans ‘Are Rapists’ Comment: ‘Not Only is He Not Racist…’


Corey Lewandowski on The View? Hard to fathom, but it happened.

In what must be considered a highly unlikely stop on his book promotional tour, the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump visited on Tuesday morning — and as expected, it was tense.

There were several cross exchanges, but the most notable came when Lewandowski was asked by Sunny Hostin about Trump’s comment during his campaign kickoff speech in which he said of Mexicans: “they’re rapists.”

Lewandowski — to the disbelief of the View hosts, and the jeers of the audience — defended his former boss.

“You have to remember the rest of the quote…He also said, ‘Some I assume are good people,'” Lewnadowski said. “Here’s the thing. I know President Trump, not only is he not racist or misogynist, he’s the exact opposite. You know what, look, I’ve had the privilege of sitting next to him and he doesn’t care if you’re white, green, blue, honest, male or female.”

Lewandowski added, “This week we had a terrible strategy of justice. Kate Steinle’s killer, the man who killed her in cold blood, was let off because of an unjust justice system. He had been deported six times in this country. This girl died, a beautiful young girl in California was shot and killed. And you know what? It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black, green or orange, justice should have been brought.”

Joy Behar fired back to close out the segment.

“Policy is not based on an anecdote, Corey,” Behar said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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