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Limbaugh: CNN’s Full of Arrogant Elitists Who Have ‘Disdain’ for Us

Rush Limbaugh went off on his radio show today about CNN and his belief that the news network is full of arrogant elitists more interested in appealing to other elitists than to middle America.

He surmised that CNN considers Fox “a bunch of propaganda” and its viewers “stupid,” and claimed that none of the stories they cover are actually aimed at someone who isn’t an “elitist opinion-maker, news-maker, politician, think tank, or university official or what have you.”

And why does this happen? Because, Limbaugh asserted, unlike Fox News, where they’re “connecting with the audience,” CNN looks down on people:

“They have disdain for stories of interest to people in flyover country. They revel in stories where people who live in the South and the Midwest end up looking like hayseeds and hicks. They love those stories. Well, they love making fun of the people that ought to be comprising their audience.”

You can listen to the audio here, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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