Rush Limbaugh Loses it On Megan Rapinoe: ‘This Babe’ is ‘Showing Nike She Can Be Just as Anti-American as Kaepernick’


Rush Limbaugh went off on World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe Wednesday — claiming she’s “as anti-American” as Colin Kaepernick.

During a rant on his radio show hours after the World Cup champs were feted in New York City, Limbaugh accused Rapinoe of trying to score an endorsement contract by appealing to progressives.

“You know what I think this babe may be angling for? Kaepernick!” Limbaugh said. “She wants a Kaepernick deal with Nike! Damn straight! She’s angling for a Kaepernick. She’s showing Nike she can be just as anti-American as Kaepernick. ‘Give me a chance. Let me do the LGBTQ angle of Kaepernick.'”

Limbaugh went on to say, “They think this is the kind of stuff that’s going to defeat [President Donald] Trump. They think this is the kind of stuff that’s going to take Trump out. They think this is the kind of stuff that the Democrat nominee is going to win saying.

“And who can blame them? They’ve got this idiot corporation rewarding this lunatic corporation rewarding this lunatic pro football player that can’t get a job. With fame and wealth for doing this kind of stuff. The more I hear of [Rapinoe], the more I think she’s angling to be the LGBTQ Kaepernick for Nike.”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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