Rush Limbaugh Goes on Rant Declaring Democratic Party ‘A Bigger Hate Group Than the KKK’


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh went on a long rant bashing the Democratic party following the Thursday debate, calling the entire party “a bigger hate group than the KKK.”

“They are a bigger hate group than the KKK which is always been the military, quote-unquote, wing of the Democrat Party anyway,” Limbaugh said. “There isn’t a right-wing group that can hold a candle to these people.”

“They seek control over life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and they do so from a position of rage and anger. They are angry that the concepts of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness exist. And their mission is obviously to shut them down,” he continued.

Limbaugh then argued that every single Democratic candidate who participated in the Miami debates “are the same.”

“It doesn’t matter which of those 20 people, if any of them, would win, doesn’t matter which one we’re talking about. They all are the same, they all represent the modern-day Democrat Party,” Limbaugh said.

“We are one election away from the kind of dangerous rhetoric and behavior we saw last night – tyranny – taking over this country. One election away from it folks,” he said.

Listen above.

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