Limbaugh On Obama’s ‘Gaddafi-Type’ Speech: If He Prevails America ‘As We Know It Won’t Exist’


Rush Limbaugh yesterday predicted that he would not be happy with President Obama’s speech on the deficit and after Obama actually delivered the speech today, Rush confirmed for his listeners that his fears were justified. Rush described the “sales pitch for expanding government” as a “Gaddafi-type speech lengthwise, maybe even Castro,” and Rush was only getting warmed up.

Rush goes on to describe Obama as a “Stalinist-type central planner” and warns that “what we are getting from the regime is a sales pitch and history revision.” Then Rush read back some of Obama’s statements, and responded to each one. Even though Obama said “we don’t begrudge those who have done well,” Rush argues “but he does begrudge those who have done well and they’re going to pay the price for doing well!” And when Obama said it’s “important for us to be honest about what’s driving up the deficit,” Rush humorously screamed in response, “you, you are driving up the deficit!”

Given that Rush thinks the future is too critical, he warned:

“The contrast between what we believe and what Obama and his people believe is so stark, that if they ultimately prevail, America as founded and as we know it won’t exist anymore. It is unraveling, it will unravel. There’s no need to play along with these people.”

And later, in the final moments of his show, Rush summarized “all you need to know” about Obama’s speech:

“If you are productive, if you work, if you are successful, if you create wealth, if you earn wealth, if you create jobs – then you are Obama’s target. Because he cannot pay for what he’s done, he can’t pay for what he’s doing, unless he steals more from you.”

According to Rush yesterday Obama was a liar, today he is a thief, any guesses for what he might be tomorrow?

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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