Lou Dobbs Guest Baselessly Claims Migrant ‘Invasion’ is Spreading Disease Causing ‘Polio-Like Paralysis’ in Children

How crazy must the position of a pro-Donald Trump guest be for Fox Business host Lou Dobbs to openly dispute it on air? On Monday night, we got our answer.

In a Lou Dobbs Tonight discussion on the migrant caravan, conservative pundit Sidney Powell made the baseless claim that those headed for the U.S. Southern border are carrying diseases cause the spread of “polio-like paralysis.”

“We simply cannot tolerate continued invasion of this country when Americans suffer every day, national debt is exploding, we have diseases spreading that are causing polio-like paralysis of our children,” Powell said.

Dobbs did not let the statement go unchallenged.

“Sidney, you can’t very well blame that disease on illegal immigrants,” Dobbs said. “We don’t know the cause of it. We do not know that for a fact.”

Powell didn’t fully back off.

“That is fair,” she said. “But that is part of the problem. We don’t know where the diseases are coming from.”

“I think with that we’re going to leave it there,” Dobbs said, with a chuckle. “We’ve decided what we don’t know is what we don’t know.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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