comScore Louie Gohmert: Sally Yates is a ‘Political Hack’ and ‘Hacks Have to be Jacked’

Louie Gohmert: Sally Yates is a ‘Political Hack’ and ‘Hacks Have to be Jacked’

Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was absolutely gleeful over President Donald Trump firing acting Attorney General Sally Yates last night in response to Yates’ telling the Department of Justice not to defend Trump’s travel ban executive order.

The Texas lawmaker painted Yates as a partisan who exposed herself as an Obama loyalist with her statement regarding the executive order.

“A good book once said and still says you can’t serve two masters and apparently we had an acting attorney general that was still serving the Obama administration,” Gohmert said. “She showed herself to be a political hack and hacks have to be jacked and she’s been jacked and she is gone.”

The GOP Congressman also explained how happy he will be to see Trump’s AG nominee take over.

“It’ll be good to have Jeff Sessions because he is loyal to the constitution and not to political philosophy of the Obama years. It’ll be awesome,” he stated. “She violated her oath. I mean, she needed to go. She obviously had a political agenda.”

Now, many Republicans didn’t always see Yates as a “political hack.” She was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate as Deputy Attorney General in early 2015, with GOP Senators calling her a “hero” and that people in her home state were “fortunate to have benefited” from her work. Also, during her confirmation hearing, Sessions himself asked Yates if she’d resist a president’s unlawful policies.

Watch the clip above.

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