Maher to Affleck: Why Are Celebs Like You Taking Up Time on Nightly News?

Bill Maher thinks Ben Affleck is a great person and actor (enough to have him on his show’s political panel yesterday for a heated battle over Islam), but on the Overtime online-only segment, Maher couldn’t help but bring up Affleck’s NBC Nightly News appearance to bemoan how bad TV news is these days.

Affleck talked with Brian Williams about Hollywood, Gone Girl, the paparazzi, and the crumbling of a major American city (Detroit, where Affleck is filming Batman vs. Superman).

Maher, Affleck, and Nicholas Kristof were bemoaning how the media doesn’t cover important international issues, when Maher brought up Affleck’s interview. He said nightly newscasts don’t have much news to them anymore, and while everyone loves Ben Affleck, “it’s just not news.”

Affleck himself didn’t really push back much (aside from saying it’s “semi-news”), but he did agree with Maher that a lot of news lacks depth and there’s just an “endless cycling” of glanced-over chatter.

Affleck and Michael Steele brought up the fact that a lot of people get their news from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Maher couldn’t resist saying, “Actually, I think we have more viewers than those shows, but it’s okay.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

And you can check out Affleck’s nightly news appearance here, via NBC:

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