Man Dick Cheney Shot 10 Years Ago Goes Quail Hunting for First Time Since

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.07.46 PMThis is sort of heartwarming, really! Remember when Dick Cheney accidentally shot someone during a hunting trip in 2006? (No, no, not when Karl Rove caught some undocumented immigrants while quail hunting in 2015; tooootally different political quail-hunting hijinks involving unwitting participants.)

Well, that trip happened ten years ago today, which Harry Whittington can attest to, since he still has pellets embedded in his face and neck. Cheney has never apologized, which you’d think he would have done by now, all things considered.

Whittington has decided not to let the lack of apology get in the way of him enjoying his life. In fact, he told The Daily News, “He never did need to apologize. It was an accident.” Last month, he went quail hunting with his son-in-law and some friends. It was the first time he had fired a gun in a decade.

The good-natured lawyer had this to say:

They just wanted to see if I could still operate a gun and so forth. First shot, I got a quail. I thought that was very impressive.

That is impressive. We at Mediaite wish him all the best and hope he enjoys his dinner tonight as his wife prepares the quail he shot in honor of the ten-year anniversary of the accident.

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