Manager of Bataclan Theater Promises to Reopen: ‘We Will Not Surrender”

PicMonkey Collage - BataclanThough the tourist hotspots have started to reopen, the future of the Bataclan concert hall has been largely uncertain since last Friday’s events, as the concert hall location was the greatest loss of life during the coordinated attacks. However, even though the club remains closed, one of its co-managers announced yesterday that this will not be the end of the esteemed venue.

Though the theater’s legacy will bear the tragic memories of the 89 people who died there, Dominique Revert said in an interview with Billboard that he and his colleagues would open the doors and work to move forward.

“It will reopen, no question about it,” Revert said. “Hearts will be heavy for a few months, a few years. But we will reopen. We will not surrender.”

Revert was not present for the Friday attacks, but said the club had a reason to move forward and cited the French motto: fluctuat ned mergitur. The Latin phrase translates to “tossed but never sunk,” and it adorns the Parisian coat of arms.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]

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