‘It Just Didn’t Stop’: Eagles of Death Metal Recall Horrific Details of Bataclan Attack


Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing at the Bataclan during the Paris attacks, spoke out in an emotional interview about what they saw as their show became a massacre almost two weeks ago.

Speaking to Vice’s Shane Smith, the band members recounted how they were an hour into their set when the gunmen stormed in and murdered 89 people in the bloodiest stage of their assault. While the band has only commented sporadically about the incident, the collection of interviews saw them recall numerous details as they came to the terrifying realization of what was going on.

Guitarist Eden Galindo said that when the first shots rang out, he thought it might have been fireworks or the PA system before the room descended into chaos as everyone tried to flee. Sound engineer Shawn London explained that the band members got separated on their way out, leaving them to weave through the crowd while the terrorists continued to shout and fire their guns.

“Injuries. Death. And then, also, running,” said London. “There was nowhere to go.” Drummer Julian Dorio showed equal sorrow as he explained how he watched audience members go down as shots were fired indiscriminately at the audience.

Bassist Matt McJunkins recalled how he was trapped in a room with concert goers as they continued to listen to the gunshots and the explosions caused by the jihadists’ suicide belts. “The gunfire got closer. It went on for, you know, 10 [or] 15 minutes — it just didn’t stop,” McJunkins said. “And then it would stop and there was this sense of relief, and then it would start up again.”

Jesse Hughes and Joshua Homme also gave a separate interview, where they paid respect to deceased merchandise manager Nick Alexander, and the singer explained how one of the gunman almost shot him. He later started crying and expressed remorse that he ran off-stage without checking if his partners were alright.

Despite everything that happened, and how many of the members fought back tears, Hughes declared that when the Bataclan finally re-opens, he and the band “cannot wait” to play again in Paris.

You can watch the interviews in the video above, via Vice.

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