Marco Rubio Pretty Hilariously Puts Bootghazi to Rest and Discusses His College Foam Parties


Let’s just be honest here — who expected Marco Rubio to be quite this funny during his Tonight Show appearance on Thursday night? It’s hard to watch his interview with host Jimmy Fallon and not be impressed with A) his attitude over the “high-heeled bootie” scandal and B) his comedy chops.

In the late night circuit of 2016, Fallon may often be associated with the guy who is most likely to make visiting Presidential candidates look good; it’s not likely that a guest is going to get peppered with hard-hitting policy questions. That said, the conversation opened up on the Florida Senator’s recent footwear fashion choice on the campaign trail — a boot with a bit of a heel to it — and he handled the situation like a pro.

Fallon donned a set of the boots himself as a gag, and when Rubio was asked if he liked the pair, he remarked, “I do — can I keep ’em? I need a back up pair.”

“I only wear them on weekends — nights, mostly,” joked Rubio, who proceeded to tell a pretty funny anecdote about attending foam parties in college, which itself was an unexpected little tidbit to casually toss in to the conversation.

“You used to go to those dance parties?” asked a shocked Fallon.

“I went one time,” the Republican candidate shot back to a laugh from the crowd. Rubio revealed that the notorious boots are in an “undisclosed location”

Check out the above video from NBC.

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