Former Defense Secretary Gates: ‘Odds Are Pretty High’ Iran and Russia Accessed Hillary’s Email

gatesFormer Bush and Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Thursday that “the odds were pretty high” that governments hostile to the United States accessed Hillary Clinton‘s private server.

Gates said on The Hugh Hewitt Show that the Clinton email controversy was “a concern for me. I never used email when I was head of CIA or head of the Department of Defense… I preferred dealing with people face to face and putting a signature on a piece of paper on matters of real national security and importance.”

“One of your colleagues, Mike Morell, said on this program, or actually agreed with my assertion that almost certainly, Russians, Chinese and Iranians had compromised the home brew server of the former Secretary of State…” Hugh Hewitt noted. “Do you agree with his assessment of my assessment?”

Gates said he did. “Well, given the fact that the Pentagon acknowledges that they get attacked about 100,000 times a day, I think the odds are pretty high.”

He wasn’t willing to say that those hacks undermined national security, however. “It would depend entirely on what she put on there. And I just, I haven’t read any of these emails, so I don’t know what was on those servers.

Listen above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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