Mark Levin Attacks Fox’s Dana Perino: ‘I’m Sick Of The Preening, Elitist, Country Club Republicans!’

On his radio show Tuesday night, Mark Levin went after “preening, elitist, country club Republican” Dana Perino for her assertion on Fox’s The Five that Dr. Ben Carson may have hurt his credibility by appearing on too many conservative talk radio shows like Levin’s.

After playing a clip of Carson telling Levin that white liberals are “the most racist people there are,” Perino said yesterday that the doctor “burned through so much of his credibility” by appearing on shows of the sort. She argued that if the newfound conservative hero is interested in a 2016 electoral run, he’d be better off laying low for a while.

“I am sick of the preening, elitist, country club Republicans who don’t have a clue,” Levin said of Perino. “I don’t know what she has done for this country other than serve as a spokesman for a president, but I can tell you that many of you and I, we have been the precinct workers, we have been the litigators, we have been the activists long before people like her were on the public scene.”

“I’ve spent my career litigating against the left,” Levin continued before listing off his accomplishments in fighting a Wisconsin school choice case without the aid of “one damn Bush staff member with us.”

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