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Mark Levin Slams Zimmerman Judge For ‘Outrageous’ Attitude, Says She Looks Like…?

Radio host Mark Levin, unhappy with Judge Debra Nelson’s treatment of the defense lawyers, implied on Friday that she looked like a man.

Levin was infuriated over Nelson’s questioning of defendant George Zimmerman on Thursday, over the objection of the defense lawyers who had not yet rested the case.

The judge could have handled this much differently,” Levin said. “But she was confrontational and she was argumentative. So not only is the timing absurd, but the way in which she did it was outrageous!”

“Defense counsel has the right to object and to state his objections,” he continued. “The judge isn’t supposed to be offended by it. I believe she’s been on the bench since 1999, she was put there by Jeb Bush, she should know she’s supposed to have a little bit of tolerance. Like, I could never be a judge. I would never want to be a judge. But she is a judge! People’s lives are on the line!”

Levin played the recording of the questioning after Judge Nelson had batted down the defenses objections, in which Zimmerman’s muttered statements of “Yes, Your Honor,” do sound like “Yes, sir.”

“By the way, does he keep calling her ‘Yes, sir?'” Levin asked. “Well, take a look, it’s close.”

Listen to his comments below:

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