Media Agrees on One Thing: This Martini From a Trump Bar Looks Awful


Today, we learned that there is still unity among the members of the media.

Earlier, Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast was at Trump Grill, a steakhouse in Trump Tower. The grill, of course, was the subject of a pretty bad Vanity Fair review that sent President-elect Donald Trump into a tirade against the magazine earlier today.

VF, for their part, responded sort of cheekily and it all seems to have blown over for now. Still, only hours after the grill’s big moment in the spotlight, Nuzzi was there working on an article she has coming out. She told Mediaite that she “wanted some color from Trump Tower,” so chose to sit at the bar when she found no seats in the area usually designated for the press. What she got — or, rather, what someone near her got — was more than color.

She tweeted this photo from the grill:

Almost immediately, other reporters and media personnel began to chime in. From Vice to Politico to Complex, every sort of outlet was represented by a staffer who was disgusted by the drink’s color, container, or contents. Even the New York Post and Independent Journal Review came out to party/express shock. It was a bi-partisan Twitter event.

Even Mediaite staff members were shocked.



Nuzzi did tell Mediaite that the gentleman who ordered the drink was a Trump supporter who had no issue with it and drank it completely. Still, it’s obvious that the one thing that will truly bring journalists together at this strange point in the history of media is a poorly-made martini.

Perhaps Trump should hold all diplomatic meetings at Trump Grill to ensure maximum agreement and unity going forward.

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